Home Blood Test Kits

Ease of testing your blood from the comfort of your home

If you cannot attend a private hospital then it is worth considering a home test kit. These include retactable lancets that you can use at home to collect a sample of your own blood. Then just post it back in the provided bio-envelope.

They are analysed by the same laboratory analysers that conduct testing for the NHS so you can be assured of their accuracy. Get in contact with us to see if the test that you require can be carried out using a home blood test kit!

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Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodiesanti Tpo

Hypothyroidism, more commonly known as an underactive thyroid, is when the body does not have sufficient thyroid hormones to efficiently run the body’s metabolism. People suffering from hypothyroidism

Private Blood Tests now available to order online

Private Blood Tests Now available to order online, private blood tests in the UK and based in London are now available nationwide to order online and

Giving blood identified bowel cancer in blood results

blood results saved life A 63 year old grandmother from the New Forest believes her life has been saved after giving blood at her local health

Leishmania Blood Film

To order the test Leishmania Blood Film contact us

Hvs Inc Mycoplasma Ureaplasma

To order the test Hvs Inc Mycoplasma Ureaplasma contact us

Nk Assay Panel

To order the test Nk Assay Panel contact us