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Blood Testing Services in the UK

Home and Laboratory Blood Testing

Blood Testing Service provides Private Blood Tests and other laboratory testing services to individuals throughout the UK and further afield at our walk in clinics.

We can visit you at home, hotel, workplace or at your preferred location and take your private blood tests with the minimal of disruption to your busy schedule and arrange for the blood samples to be couriered to the laboratory in Central London without delay.

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Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodiesanti Tpo

Hypothyroidism, more commonly known as an underactive thyroid, is when the body does not have

Private Blood Tests now available to order online

Private Blood Tests Now available to order online, private blood tests in the

Giving blood identified bowel cancer in blood results

blood results saved life A 63 year old grandmother from the New Forest

Leishmania Blood Film

To order the test Leishmania Blood Film contact us

Hvs Inc Mycoplasma Ureaplasma

To order the test Hvs Inc Mycoplasma Ureaplasma contact us

Nk Assay Panel

To order the test Nk Assay Panel contact us

Homocysteine Quantitative

To order the test Homocysteine Quantitative contact us

Microfilaria Blood Film

To order the test Microfilaria Blood Film contact us

Suppression With Steroid Ivig And Intralipin Nk Cd69 Cell Assay Th1Th2 Cytokines

To order the test Suppression With Steroid Ivig And Intralipin Nk Cd69 Cell Assay Th1Th2